Where other finance/budgeting systems are clumsy or too complex to use, Home Budget is designed to be simple, yet has all the features you need.


Quotes from users:

"Thanks a million for Home Budget, nothing else lets me budget this way, so easily. "

"Much to be preferred over the other big name programs! It is very fast and easy to run. It really helped to get our budget back in shape! "

"I want you to know that I am a convert from Microsoft Money!!! I've been keeping my checkbook and other accounts on Money for three years, and I have totally switched to your program."

I also had been looking for EXACTLY this type of home budgeting software for quite some time. Budget by "envelopes" is the way I was brought up, and I have never seen any other software which can handle this concept as well as yours."

Home Budget - for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP/VISTA/Windows 7, Windows 8.

Home Budget Finance manager is designed in the traditional envelope system where you set aside a portion of your income for various expenses.

It's a simple concept for budgeting:

Each month you create budget transactions that move your income into various accounts that allocate these funds.

Just like putting your income into various envelopes, where each envelope is for a different purpose, ie one for Groceries, one for Car Repairs and so on.

Then when you actually spend money on Groceries or Car Repairs, it comes out of the money in that envelope and is also recorded against the real fund account (ie Checkbook, Bank, Credit Card etc.) that you used.

See the Tutorial and Screen Shots for more information.


  • Fast Intuitive interface.
  • Small Memory and resource footprint, runs on any PC.
  • Quick One line entry per transaction
  • Tracks Credit card spending
  • Drop down calendars
  • Displays Charts/graphs for many combinations of data
  • Summarize, Print and view totals
  • Schedule auto payments
  • Select any time window to view transactions
  • Networth, Asset tracking.

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